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Faculty Exchange and Research Partnerships

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An International lens on CSR , Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Business Practices
Unique research possibilities between member-school Faculty
Reaseach and faculty exchange at the Council on Business & Society

How is responsible leadership seen from the Japanese, Canadian, and French perspectives? What do business ethics consist in from a British, Brazilian, Spanish, Irish and Chinese standpoint and what common factors bring these countries together in terms of social entrepreneurship? 


As from spring 2018, an exciting project was launched between the member schools that sees a core of CSR-dedicated faculty integrate an existing management programme within another member School for a 2 to 4-week period with an assignment to cover responsible leadership and sustainable business practices.


The visiting faculty provide students with a unique, international and intercultural vision of leadership for the 21st century and increase their skills and awareness not only when carrying out internships abroad, but also prepare them for the challenges of their future careers. Students are awarded the Council on Business & Society Responsible Leadership Certificate on finishing this course.

Council on Business & Society research and faculty exchange

Teaming up with likewise interested peers from the world's leading schools of business and management, the possibilities and motivation for co-authored academic output is boundless: research papers on key issues relating to management and leadership, ethical finance, diversity, employee well-being, sustainability, impact investing, ethics and compliance, HR issues, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and philanthropy – as well as opportunities to develop case studies, educational videos, co-authored books, articles and learning bricks.  


From spring 2018, the project to exchange faculty from each School will mean that professors not only bring their unique school and cultural expertise, but also learn from that of their host peers, the member School in which they will carry out their assignment and the country they will stay in. 


Another facet of the initiative is the possibility to hold simultaneous responsible leadership seminars and assignments asynchronously between member schools and pave the way for blended learning solutions as well as fully-fledged Council on Business & Society Learning Journeys and SPOCs to be shared among member school students, and offered to a wider public. 

CoBS Learning Journeys
CoBS Learning Journeys

Together, create a

Councl on Business & Sociey
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