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Article Writing Competition 2019
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The Results


The winners and finalists of the 2019 Council on Business & Society CSR student article writing competition have now been officially selected. Congratulations to all those students who took the commitment and effort to write and participate in the competition, with a special mention to the winners, runners-up and finalists for the outstanding quality of their work!

The 2019 winners are:

All winners receive €500 equivalent in prize money, a CoBS Responsible Leadership Competition winner’s certificate and their articles published alongside those of CoBS faculty in the June 21st anniversary issue of Global Voice magazine. 

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Seamus Duferrena


Camila Morishita


Xiaoxiang Chen


Ananya Tiwari

ESSEC Business School: Seamus Duferrena, PhD student with What those migrants are doing to our countries


FGV-EAESP: Camila Morishita, Undergraduate student with Females in the Workforce: Breaking free from the doll’s house


School of Management Fudan University: Xiaoxiang Chen, Undergraduate student, with Opportunities Veiled in the Mask of Crisis: How can migration flow boost the economy?


Warwick Business School: Ananya Tiwari, Undergraduate student, with Gender Equality – Is it prosperous for the economy and should this be our sole selling point?

The 2019 runners-up and finalists are:

All runners-up and finalists receive a CoBS Responsible Leadership Competition Runner-up or Finalist certificate and their articles published alongside those of CoBS faculty in the June 21st anniversary issue of Global Voice magazine. 


Andrea Tealdi


Solène Eveillard


Keerit Singh

Hiba Houmache.jpg

Hiba Houmache


Nicolas Desarnauts


Midori Toya

Runner-up: Andrea Tealdi, MiM, ESSEC Asia-Pacific with Migration – Big losses, bigger gains

Runner-up: Keerit Singh, Warwick Business School Undergraduate, with A Giant Step for Everyone: Why gender equality is a need, not a want

Finalist: Nicolas Desarnauts, ESSEC GBBA with The economic case for migration

Finalist: Solène Eveillard, ESSEC MiM with More Gender Equality – More Prosperity for All

Finalist: Hiba Houmache, ESSEC MiM with How can gender equality increase prosperity for all?

Finalist: Midori Toya, ESSEC GBBA with Social contribution and profit – are companies facing a trade off?

View the students' articles in the high summer issue of Global Voice magazine: 

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Council on Business & Society Student article writing competition 2019

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