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As from spring 2018, an exciting project has been launched between the member Schools that sees a core of CSR-dedicated faculty integrate an existing management programme within another member school for a 2 to 4-week period with an assignment to cover responsible leadership.


The visiting Faculty will thus provide students with a unique, international and intercultural vision of leadership for the 21st century and increase their skills and awareness not only when carrying out internships abroad, but also prepare them for the challenges of their future careers. Students are awarded the Council on Business & Society Responsible Leadership Certificate on finishing this course.

The educational content generated by these joint courses is then stocked in an online repository for shared use among core faculty members of each school with a passion for responsible leadership and CSR and interested in integrating this dimension into their courses and programmes. These include governance, finance, economics, management, supply chain, real estate management, ethics and compliance, philanthropy, leadership, entrepreneurship, impact investing, accounting, hotel management, geopolitics, mediation, intercultural management and public policy.  

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Councl on Business & Sociey

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