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Student CSR Article Writing Competition 2020

Register for the competition: 17th February - 22nd March, 2020

The Prizes

  • Your article published on the Council Community blog

  • Your article published in the June issue of Global Voice magazine

  • CoBS Participant, Finalist, Runner-up and Winner certificates

  • €500 equiv. cash prize for each winning article in each school.

Choose a topic

The Competition


The Council on Business & Society launches its 2020 student CSR article writing competition, open to the Council’s member-school students from all programmes from undergraduate to graduate/PhD levels:


  • ESSEC Business School: France, Singapore, Morocco campuses

  • FGV-EAESP: Brazil

  • School of Management Fudan University: China

  • IE Business School: Spain

  • Keio Business School: Japan

  • Trinity College Dublin Business School: Ireland

  • Warwick Business School: United Kingdom.

The Topics

If you’re a student currently studying in one of the above schools, passionate about responsible leadership, CSR, CSV, sustainability, responsible finance, diversity and inclusion, and social entrepreneurship, then the invitation is open to write a 1,500 to 2,000-word article in English.


Your article must be based on one of the following:


  • How can accounting save the world?

  • Does greenwashing pay – or not?

  • Sponsorship deals and their limits – to what extent do professional athletes and clubs have a social and ethical responsibility?

  • How can companies contribute to decreasing domestic violence against women?

  • How is social entrepreneurship becoming more sustainable?

  • Sustainability in controversial industries: Can an extractive company ever be sustainable?

  • Epidemic control under the globalized economy: Insights from Coronavirus.

  • Will companies be better stewards if they are owned by their employees?

Register for the competition: 17th February - 22nd March, 2020

Contact your school Coordinator to register for the competition

How to Enter for the Competition

Please register to enter the competition via your School Coordinator indicated below, using your school e-mail address. Mails received using other provider addresses will be considered automatically ineligible for the competition.


  • Registration is from February 17th to March 22nd 2020 inclusive.

  • The submission deadline for student articles is March 31st.


Upon registering via your school Coordinator, you will receive a student article writing guide providing the competition rules, timeline and tips on writing your article.​







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