A unique yearly student CSR article writing competition for students in all programmes across the Council's member schools

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Student CSR Article Competition
Have an impact, have a voice

The Council runs an annual article writing competition for students of all programmes in the Council's member schools passionate about responsible leadership, CSR, CSV, sustainability, responsible finance, diversity, inclusion and social entrepreneurship. Students are invited to submit an original 1,500 to 2,000-word article in English. Winning articles in each school win a cash prize, certificate and inclusion in the June anniversary  issue of the Council's quarterly magazine Global Voice.

The themes for the 2019 writing competition are the following:

  • How do migration flows contribute to economic prosperity?

  • How can gender equality increase prosperity for all? 

  • How can companies contribute to society and make a business out of it? 

  • How can companies contribute to decreasing domestic violence against women?

  • To what extent do companies find a balance between international CSR and local CSR practice?

  • To what extent is there still a place for managers and workers in the automated workplace?

  • How can companies and organisations capitalise on senior citizen knowledge and experience and vice-versa?

  • What lessons can recent examples of corporate misconduct give to the responsible leaders of tomorrow?   

Students for the common good
View the 2019 students’ articles in the high summer issue of Global Voice magazine:
CSR, leadership, social enterprise, management, philanthropy, diversity, gender equity, sustainability, ethics, industrial relations, healthcare, employee wellbeing, Council on Business & Society, ESSEC Business school, FGV-EAESP, Trinity College Dublin Business School, Keio Business School, Warwick Business School, School of Management Fudan University

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