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A global alliance of leading schools of business and management

Current Academic Members of the Alliance

The Council on Business & Society is an alliance open to leading schools of business and management throughout the world with an aim to offer a unique, international and multicultural view of responsible leadership, management, business and societal issues for its students and faculty, practitioners and informed public. 

The Council currently counts seven member institutions, renown for their academic excellence, innovation and devotion to teaching and training responsible managers and leaders: ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Trinity College Dublin Business School, and Warwick Business School. Together, they create shared educational content and courses, deliver a Responsible Leadership certificate, carry out research, and contribute research-based articles to the Council's eMagazine, Global Voice.


7 schools

11 campuses worldwide
ESSEC Business School: Excellence and leadership

Founded in 1907, ESSEC Business School is one of the world’s top management schools recognized for both the quality and influence of their research; a wide range of management training programs recognised in international programme rankings; partnerships with the world’s best universities; campuses in France, Singapore and Rabat, Morocco, and a network of 53,000 alumni. ESSEC continues to foster a tradition of academic excellence and a spirit of openness in the fields of economics, social sciences and innovation.

Visit the School's website.

School of Management Fudan University: Excellence and leadership

As China’s first higher education institution to establish the educational system of Business Administration, the century-old Fudan University, Shanghai, created the business discipline in as early as 1917. 20 years of development has seen the school build a meticulous research culture combined with international openness and recognised excellence in key national and local disciplines such as industrial economics, management science and engineering. 

Visit the School's website.

Keio Business School: Excellence and leadership

Keio Business School was founded in 1962 and was Japan's first business school. It's internationally recognised status as a top, full-time studies and executive training business school is founded on its endeavour to train managers who are equipped with systematic management knowledge and practical management skills. It is a firm believer in the case method, an international environment for study, and espouses the value that education is a way to liberate every human being. 

Visit the School's website.

FGV-EAESP: Excellence andleadership

The Business Administration School of São Paulo at FGV (FGV-EAESP) was created in 1954 and is one of South America's leading educational institutions in business and public management. Its DNA connects business practice with world-renowned research, continuously developing new inroads and opportunities for the academic and business community. FGV-EAESP's educational offer is ranked highly in international accreditations.  

Visit the School's website.

IE Busines School and the Council on Business & Society

With a risk-taking and boundary-breaking entrepreneurial foundation, we’re a school that looks to the future. IE Business School makes things happen. From Bachelors to Doctorates, our programs draw on market trends to provide fresh out-of-the-box education using innovative methodologies. IE Business School consistently ranks among the world’s top academic institutions in global rankings, which assess the quality of our teaching, faculty and students.

Visit the School's website.

Trinity College Dublin Business School

Trinity College Dublin has a robust reputation as a leading international university which extends over four centuries. Trinity Business School was founded in 1925 and has  played a pioneering role in bringing the MBA to Europe and has created one of Europe’s most sought after undergraduate business degree programmes as well as having a series of top ranked MSc programmes. 

Visit the School's website

In under 50 years Warwick Business School has become one of the world's elite business schools providing top-class programmes for ambitious people. We are led by innovation, creativity, and change, and engage with the big debates in business and public policy.

Visit the School's website

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Global knowledge partners


Responsible leadership and educational partners

McKinsey & Company is a long-established, leading global management consulting firm that serves businesses, governments, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. It has been the privileged knowledge partners of the Council on Business & Society since its inception, providing its expertise, analysis and insights into major business issues during the Council's forums. It is also home to the McKinsey Global Institute, an award-winning think tank. Visit the McKinsey & Co website

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international body founded in 1961 and with a mission to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. OECD experts and analysts regularly speak at the Council's forums. The organisation hosts an extensive and globally recognised data base for consultation. Visit the OECD website.   

Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
The Global Business School Network and the Council on Busness & Society
The Principles for Responsible Management Education ad the CoBS

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative is a deeply engaged international, multi-sector community focused on catalysing the development of globally responsible leadership and practice. Visit the GRLI website.

The Global Business School Network is a nonprofit organization that partners with business schools, industry, foundations and aid agencies to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education for the developing world. Visit the GBSN website

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a United Nations-supported initiative founded in 2007 as a platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, and to equip today's business students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow. Visit the PRME website.

Together, create a

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Councl on Business & Sociey
- Dean and Professor Hirokazu Kono, Keio Business School, Japan
“As the leading business school in Japan, it is our duty to
investigate how business should maintain a balance with
global societal issues. We desire to explain to the world
what Japan has experienced through rapid growth by
means of the Council on Business & Society.

ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Trinity Business School, Warwick Business School

Council Coordinator, Paris, France

+33 (0)1 34 43 96 56


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