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Invaluable insights into the students' view of how the world ticks

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Council student surveys
Speak up, speak out

The Council invites groups of students from its member schools to its Global Forums to voice their views, take part in debates and participate in case study competitions that mix undergraduates and graduates from a bouquet of nationalities and cultures. 

One key aspect of the Global Forums is the Student Survey, where students are invited to answer a questionnaire on the major issue of debate from both a student, business and society perspective. 

The results give valuable insight into how our students view the world, its systems, bodies and the place of business with regard to society and the common good. The results also contribute to classroom debate and form part of the content of students' degree programmes within their schools.

View a sample: Student survey on healthcare and employee well-being.
Health and healthcare

Together, create a

Councl on Business & Sociey
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