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White papers and research addressing key issues at the crossroads of business and society 

Council on Business & society white papers
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Can square fit with round? We believe it can
We look squarely at round solutions
High-impact analyses of key issues affecting business and society

Faculty from the Council on Business & Society member schools are invited to co-create tracks and workshops in international research conferences that lead to joint-projects, publications and widening the network of researchers passionate about business and society issues. 


In addition, the Council on Business & Society Global Forums bring together leading academics, business leaders, policy-makers, students, NGOs and international bodies. From their combined debate and analysis of key issues affecting business and society, the Council has published a series of white papers, executive summaries and proceedings, freely available online to all those concerned by the field of responsible leadership, CSR and the common good.  

Conference workshops
2023 – Academy of Management Conference
The Social impact of Academia – From the Ivory Tower to beyond the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Primary sponsor: Social Issues in Management (SIM)  Potential co-sponsors: ONE
3.45 pm ET – 5.45 pm, Friday August 4th, 2023 at Boston Park Plaza, Statler Room. 


Register HERE.

The Council on Business & Society has the great pleasure of inviting you to a PDW and drinks & buffet reception and networking event on the occasion of the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.  AOM PDW by the Council on Business & Society: The Social Impact of Academia – From the Ivory Tower to Beyond the SDGs
Global Forum white papers
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Corporate governance and leadership
Health and healthcare
Energy, business and society

In a context of unprecedented change that has seen the economic shift of balance from West to East, financial crises and the impact of instant global communication, corporate governance and leadership have risen to the forefront in providing business and society with a compass setting offering clear direction towards stable haven. 


Eroded trust, the pressures of short-term performance, limited resources and stretched productivity are only a few of the challenges ahead. We explore the wider context and provide an overview of developing not only business but also society in a positive way through making effective business decisions, strengthening the role of the leader and implementing effective governance.

Overwhelming evidence shows that corporations that take a proactive approach to employee health and wellness achieve better financial results, decreased employee turnover, and enhanced employee engagement and performance.


New healthcare policy initiatives must correct the world’s current lack of sufficient attention to the merging of information and medical technologies. It must balance openness and personal privacy, New management innovations must acknowledge mental health issues and demographic changes such as graying populations, women’s empowerment, a global workforce, and globally mobile populations. The question is not: “Do healthcare systems need reform?” The question is: “How should everyone constantly re-examine health concepts and implement systems to create the best outcomes in sustainable ways?”

Nowhere are the pace of change and the intersection of business and societal interests more evident than in the electric-power industry, where “the way electricity is produced, distributed, stored, marketed, and regulated is being transformed and a top-down, centralized system is devolving into one that is much more distributed and interactive. Power consumers now have options for how the power they use is produced, delivered, stored, and managed. 

The energy sector is undergoing enormous change, transforming itself from a top-down, centralised system into one that is much more distributed and interactive. This new paradigm necessarily calls for a whole new set of capabilities for the future manager-leaders in the sector, bolstering technical skills with creative thinking, people skills, and a sense of purpose for the wider community and its environment.

The 2023 Academy of Management Conference with the Council on Business & Society

Academic participants

University of Mannheim
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Concordia University
Norwegian School of Economics

Corporate and institutional partners

University of Tokyo
Technische Universitat Darmstadt
McKinsey & Co
Japanese Ministry of Health
Wilhelm Müller Foundation
Irving Oil
Crédit Suisse
Citizens Energy Corporation
Peugeot SA
World Energy Council
Legal Momentum
Standard and Poor's
Spencer Stuart
University of Tsukuba
Caisse des Dépôts
Goodwin Proctor
New Energy Capital
University of Nanzan
John Deere
Parker Ranch
Perceva Capital
AXA Private Equity

Together, create a

Councl on Business & Sociey
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