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The Council on Business & Society Global Voice magazine, special summer issue #26: 146 pages on CSR, ESG, sustainability, AI, ChatGPT, economics and social impact

The summer issue of Global Voice magazine now on download!

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Can business contribute to improving society and the planet? We believe.

A visionary global alliance founded in 2011, the  Council on Business & Society engages faculty, students, business leaders, practitioners, NGOs and policy-makers to explore how business can positively contribute to society, Planet, and the common good.

Members of 

The GRLI and the Council on Business & Society
GBSN and the Council on Business & Society
PRME and the Council on Business & Society
The Council on Business & Society
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The Council on Business & Society (CoBS) publishes research and thought leadership via its quarterly magazine Global Voice, weekly articles on its Community blog, white papers, eBooks and learning pods. 

Council on Business & Society
Management & 
Council on Business & Society
Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise
Council on Business & Society
Business & Society
Council on Business & Society
Sustainability & Sustainable Business Practices
Council on Business & Society
Diversity & Inclusion
Council on Business & Society
Responsible Finance & Accounting


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Our Recent News

Two new leading business schools join the CoBS!

Monash Business School, Monash University, member of the Council on Business & Society
lin Business School, Washington University at St. Louis, member of the Council on Business & Society

The Council on Business & Society, an alliance of business schools across the globe dedicated to CSR-ESG-Sustainability, welcomes two additional member schools:

These two new members bring the number of alliance schools to 11, ensuring a north-south global presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


Monash, historically one of Australia’s top institutions, is a recognized leader in CSR and Sustainability teaching and research in the Asia-Pacific region.


Olin, a highly reputed school in the USA and known as the “Gateway to the West”, brings a tradition of caring for its students and education and research oriented towards responsibility, humanity and sustainability. 

- Download the special summer issue
  #26 of Global Voice magazine.

“[The Council's] Global Voice – yet another boring think tank, you might say? Not at all! The content is professional, exhaustive and explained. The tone is interesting, certain articles are wittily pitched and the style is fluid. Highly recommended!”

Nicolas Berrou,

Global Voice magazine #26: Learning Is a Journey: Ride with style


30 faculty and student contributors appear in the 2 sections of this issue: Business & Society and Leadership, Management & Sustainability.

A total of 28 articles in these two sections are offered to keep you reading throughout the summer and which we hope will provide knowledge, insight, and much food for thought to start off your September with inspiration, ideas and new projects!

Download and enjoy!

The Council on Business & Society Global Voice magazine, special summer issue #26: 146 pages on CSR, ESG, sustainability, AI, ChatGPT, economics and social impact

Student CSR Article Competition 

Student CSR Article Competition 2023: The Results! 


The winners and finalists of the 2023 Council on Business & Society Student CSR article competition are now officially nominated. 

View the competition results page! 

On the Council Community blog and special Gender Equality issue of Global Voice:


"This is one of the best sites I have ever visited. We all need to support women entrepreneurs in every aspect. The content is very informative. Thank you for sharing it."



- Three books in One year! The Routledge-CoBS Focus on Responsible Business. Discover the series! 

Routledge and COBS Focus on Responsible Business provides international and multicultural perspectives on responsible leadership and business practices in line with the UN SDGs. Contributors from 7 leading business schools on 4 continents offer local, cultural and global perspectives on the issues covered, drawing on high level research and transformed into engaging, and digestible content for students, academics and practitioners. Topics include but are not limited to; responsible finance and accounting, CSR and governance, supply chain management, leadership, diversity and inclusion, performance and innovation, responsible management, and wellbeing at work.

Together, create a

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