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The Council on

Business & Society

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Global Voice magazine #16, Christmas 2020, now on download

Social Enterprise: Entrepreneurship for the common good

The latest CoBS Publishing booklet on download.

Image by Singkham

Can business contribute to improving society? We believe.

The Council on Business & Society - About
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A visionary global alliance founded in 2011, the  Council on Business & Society engages faculty, students, business leaders, practitioners, NGOs and policy-makers to explore how business can positively contribute to society and the common good.
Responible leadership at the Counil on Businss & Societ
The Council on Business & Society

Members of 

The GRLI and the Council on Business & Society
GBSN and the Council on Business & Society
PRME and the Council on Business & Society

The Council on Business & Society (CoBS) publishes research and thought leadership via its quarterly magazine Global Voice, weekly articles on its Community blog, white papers, eBooks and learning pods. 

Council on Business & Society
Management & 
Council on Business & Society
Business & Society
Council on Business & Society
Sustainability & Sustainable Business Practices
Council on Business & Society
Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise
Council on Business & Society
Diversity & Inclusion
Council on Business & Society
Responsible Finance & Accounting


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Our Recent News

- The winners and finalists of the CoBS 2020 Student CSR article competition​​.

Discover HERE.

The latest CoBS publications

- The latest CoBS publications now available on download. 

“[The Council's] Global Voice – yet another boring think tank, you might say? Not at all! The content is professional, exhaustive and explained. The tone is interesting, certain articles are wittily pitched and the style is fluid. Highly recommended!”

Nicolas Berrou, Business-cool.com

On the Council Community blog and special Gender Equality issue of Global Voice:


"This is one of the best sites I have ever visited. We all need to support women entrepreneurs in every aspect. The content is very informative. Thank you for sharing it."


Global Voice magazine #16: And we were One 


The Council's quarterly magazine, Christmas 2020. 113 pages, 17 high-impact research and opinion articles, from 28 contributors.  

Click on the image below to download or visit our Downloads page for this quarter’s magazine and a host of additional issues and content.

Global Voice magazine #16

Social Enterprise: Entrepreneurship for the common good 


The latest CoBS Publishing booklet. What is social enterprise? How do you know if you’ve got what it takes? How can you make it work and how does social entrepreneurship differ throughout the world? 

Click on the image below to download or visit our Downloads page for this quarter’s magazine and a host of additional issues and content.

CoBS Publishing - Social Enterprise: A focus on entrepreneurship for the common good

Together, create a

Councl on Business & Sociey

ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Trinity Business School, Warwick Business School

Council Coordinator, Paris, France

+33 (0)1 34 43 96 56


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