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Step up and re-write the world! 
The Council on Business & Society Student Article Competition is Now Open for Registration!

Now in its 6th consecutive year, the Council on Business & Society launches its 2024 student CSR article competition. From 14th February to 31st March 2024, register and write a winning article on a business, society, and planet topic set by the faculty of the CoBS member schools of business and management covering 6 continents and 15 countries. There will be 1 student winner, 1 runner-up, and up to 3 finalists nominated per CoBS member school. The results will be announced in early May.

This year's topics

If you’re a student currently studying in one of the Council’s member schools, passionate about responsible leadership, CSR, sustainability, ESG, responsible finance, diversity and inclusion, social entrepreneurship, business and its impact on society and planet, then the invitation is open to write a 1,000 to 2,000-word article in English.

Your article must be based on one of the following topics:

  • AI in People Management: Friend or Foe?

  • Sustainability reporting standards are becoming mandatory in Europe (ESRS), while a global standard (SASB) has also been created. Would these standards really help society and the planet? Why or why not? 

  • Political polarization – how it is increasing and what are its effects on society?

  • In face of the recent anti-ESG movement in the US, how should international companies respond to it?

  • In light of capitalism's history marked by technological shifts and economic cycles, how can leaders and managers tackle AI's emerging challenges and opportunities to propel organisations forward and tackle societal issues?

  • Balancing Global Business Operations and Human Rights: A Corporate Responsibility Dilemma in the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How can institutions and companies address the issue?

  • In the age of rapid innovation, how can tech companies demonstrate purpose-driven leadership? What concrete steps should they take to ethically navigate the technological landscape?

The prizes

  • A cash prize for the winning article in each CoBS alliance member school

  • Winners, runners-up and finalists win Council on Business & Society branded goodies

  • Winner, runner-up and finalist articles will be published in June’s special issue of Global Voice magazine next to faculty research insights

  • Winner, runner-up and finalist articles will be posted on CoBS Insights, the Council’s blog with a global audience

  • All participants will receive either a Council on Business & Society Participant, Finalist, Runner-up, or Winner certificate.

How to enter the competition

To be eligible, you must be a current undergraduate or graduate student in one of the CoBS member schools. Please register to enter the competition via your School Coordinator indicated below, using your school e-mail address and mentioning the studies you are currently following. Mails received using other provider addresses will be considered automatically ineligible for the competition. Registration and submission is from February 14th to March 31st 2023 inclusive.   

Upon registering via your school Coordinator, you will receive a student article writing guide providing the competition rules, timeline and tips on writing your article.

Contact your School’s Coordinator to enter the competition:

Last year's competition

  • View the 2023 student finalists, runners up, and competition winners.

  • Read their articles in the special June 2023 issue of Global Voice magazine!

Global Voice magazine #26, June 2023

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