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The CoBS 2022 Student CSR Article Competition

Student submission period closed. Jury reading phase now in progress.

Now Open for Registration! The CoBS 2022 Student CSR Article Competition

The Schools of the Council on Business & Society launch their annual international student CSR article writing competition.

Open to all students from undergrad to PhD and Exec-Ed programmes studying at:

  • ESSEC Business School, France-Singapore-Morocco

  • FGV-EAESP, Brazil

  • School of Management Fudan University, China

  • IE Business School, Spain

  • Keio Business School, Japan

  • Trinity Business School, Ireland

  • Warwick Business school, United Kingdom.

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If you have a passion for business for the good of society, CSR and sustainability, social and environmental transition and believe that together we can change things for the better, then enter the competition by writing an article on one of this year’s high-impact competition topics!

The 2022 Competition Topics

There is a debate around the potential cost of a green transition. "Greenflation" would be caused by a higher demand for greener solutions, and the consequences of new public policies (e.g. green taxes). How can we deal with the social tensions that could possibly arise with greenflation? 

The consequences of the Covid pandemic have reached every country in the world, causing a huge rise in poverty and social vulnerability even in rich countries. What can Business Schools do in order to address this situation?

What are the main barriers preventing the world from reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions, both at the macro level (geopolitics, industrial barriers, etc.) and at the micro level (individual behaviour)?

How do corporations create new value through low carbon practice?

What is the potential negative social impact of AI, and what are the possible solutions accordingly?

What has been the impact of increased investor attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues on corporate sustainability performance and reporting?

How can we balance the social costs and benefits of the advance of digital and robotic automation with respect to the future of work? Do we have to trade off wellbeing for productivity, or can we have both?

How to enter the competition
  1. Choose a topic from the 2022 list

  2. Contact your school’s competition representative below and register

  3. Once registered, you will receive a copy of the competition rules, guidelines and important tips on writing your article

  4. You can begin writing your masterpiece! The deadline for submitting your finished article to your school representative is March 31st, 2022.


One winner, one runner-up and up to 3 finalists will be selected from each participating school with the results being announced in early May, 2022.

The Prizes
  • Every student who submits an article will receive a Council on Business & Society 2022 participant certificate.

  • Articles selected for the final round of adjudication will receive special Finalist, Runner-up and Competition Winner certificates.

  • Finalists and winners will receive a branded CoBS note book and Council on Business & Society polo shirt

  • Winners from each member school will win a cash prize equivalent of €500

  • Finalist and winning articles will feature in the special June 21st issue of the Council’s quarterly magazine Global Voice alongside faculty research

  • Finalist and wining articles will also be published on CoBS Insights

Register to enter the competition now by sending an e-mail to your school competition representative!
The schools of the Council on Business & Society
View the 2021 competition winners and finalists on the Council on Business & Society website
Get an idea of the style and quality of the 2020 and 2021 finalist articles by downloading Global Voice magazine #14 and #18.
Global Voice magazine #14 featuring the 2020 CoBS student CSR article competition winners and finalists
Global Voice magazine #18 featuring the 2021 CoBS student CSR article competition winners and finalists

Together, create a

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